Bowser Jr: Once at Time, Father I Told you never told us about the Justice League.

Lex Luthor: The truth is, My Son we'll can't get rid of the Bear and his Friends that's why Tonight we getting the Sarandon Sisters and You'll be right about Me, My Darling....The Psycho Rangers are ready.

Psycho Red: Uh Luthor, How can we Fight the Justice League they're too stronger.

Lex Luthor: No! If you do that you won't see the end of it!

Mistress 9: Besides you know what's Happen?

Bowser Jr: My Father has both sides of Good and Evil, Pay good Attention.

Dr.Faciler: Um, come on you say the Words: We gotta ultimate Plan to get rid of Bear and His Friends, and seems to be......That We're could Fix that.

Lex Luthor: What do you mean, "we"?

Dr.Faciler: I Mean you.

Bowser Jr: Enough of this. when I heard you were coming I was actually afraid of you. Petrified. But now, when I see your fear, your uncertainty, I just pity you.

(Scar Laughs as Bowser Jr started Talking)

Lex Luthor: Did you really think you could take me down all by yourself?

Scar: A Matters of Fact: I Do I'll wanted make a Deal you wanted something You The Lion And the Bear, I'll get you some of them.

Lex Luthor: Oh, I'm not here to challenge you, I Wanted get something And Of Course, Dr.Faciler as Well All we had to Do is Waiting for Halloween Night: And the Sarandon Sisters will be Back as you know it,

Dr.Faciler: The Loa glance with each other. The chief opens his jaws, releasing a horde of demonic shadows.] HA HA HA! NOW WE'RE COOKIN'! We're gonna find ourselves a Witch! Search EVERYWHERE! Gotham, Metropolis Pallet Town,Paradise Island Bring him to me so I Could feel his Blood Curring And the Witches will be founded.

Lex Luthor: But...........(The Shadow Man's Voice) for now. Allez! Let's go get ourselves A Sarandon Sisters so we'll not going be Alone.

Bowser Jr: That's My Father always With the Big.

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