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On May 26th,, Join Benny,Leo,Johnny and rest of his friends in all new Movie.

Leo: it's gotta be fun.

[1] Twice the Action


Terea: That what I Called Girl Power

Twice the suprense.

Heath Lynx: (Laughs Evilly)

Leo - OH CRUD!!! Heath and Madison are getting away.

And Twice the Romance-Strip Club you getting all that.


Leo - Well, it looks like we passed with flying colors.

Johnny - We'd better get comfortable. we're in for a long Ride.
Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu Drew Barrymore and Lionkingrulezagain1
Leo,Benny and Johnny's Adventures of Charlie Angels:Full Throttle
Heath Lynx: Any Last Words,Girls And Guys
Johnny - Well, I was gonna be king of the jungle, but, like i said. That's all in the past.
Heath Lynx: This aren't going be the Past.
Heath Lynx grabs the gun
Benny, Leo, Johnny, and Rae - Ooh...crud!
Rated PG-13 Starts September 29th

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