Before Jacob,Finn And Jake's Adventures Of Barney's Great Adventure Starts to the Crazed Phrase.

The World is still wonder: Who Will Carly going to tell about Secret Admirer?

Jake: Guys, Don't Panicked.

Mordecai: All right, I'll helping her with some sweet new Moves.

and Who's going be the Ultimate-Date Winner.

Mordecai: [reclines in chair] Eh?
Rigby: What? What's wrong?
Carly: I'm just saying, it might be nice if you showed a tiny bit of appreciation for the work to do Make ICarly Happen?

Rigby: Maybe you've need some Butt-Cheeks.

Find out who's the Biggest Prize of all in Jacob,Finn, And Jake's Adventures of Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie.

Carly: I smashed a window and fled from our space pod.

Mordercai And Rigby: Dude!

Saturday at 8\7 Central on Youtube.

Spencer: Here's Spency?

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