Shadow-Man: All-right Miss Naturally-Girl the Jig is Up you can't Hide forever.

Lauryn Kirk: well that's that. No more time to finish the story.

Rae, Teresa and Zazu - What?
Pooh:Listen it's not too late for finished it.
Tigger: Shadow Man tries to trick you and then eat you to the bone.
Lauryn Kirk: Yeah, But What If I Dance to show him the way I Know Which lets him go and the Other foe defeated.
Rabbit; I Spell a Loophole.
Shaggy; hey I Got a Plan We can get some Bugs and......
Shadow-man: (Grabs Lauryn's Neck) Where's that bear? You Don't know or You'll Lying to me.
Zazu: (Snatches the Tailsmen) Tails, you Lose.
Dr.Faciler: (Screams)

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